Our monthly meetings are open to all adult family members, friends, allies, and members of the #LGBTQ+ community and are designed to be a safe place to gather and build community.


Some of us come to meetings to meet people and make new friends, while others come to find support, ask questions, or learn from others. 

But while we all come from different places, with varying values, faith beliefs, and lived experiences, the one thing we have in common is a desire to love and support our LGBTQ+ loved ones as best we can.

Everyone is welcome at #PFLAG, wherever you are on your journey. We can’t wait to meet you!


Text graphic that reads: Join us at a monthly meeting! Our monthly support meetings for adults (18+) are peer-led and cooperative. RSVP for the exact meeting location. Homewood and Flossmoor. Second sunday of every month at 2:00 pm. We hope you can join us!
Photo of art projects made at a meeting. They are small fliers made with markers and stamps. Most are rainbow or trans flag colors. They have slogans on them like "love is love," "PFLAG H-F," and "Safe Space."

What is a PFLAG meeting like?

Our monthly support meetings typically begin with a round of introductions, followed by our support circle. During the support circle, everyone is welcome to speak up, tell their story, or ask questions. But no one is required to.

After the support circle, we typically do activities like listening to a guest speaker, arts and crafts, event planning, or discussions about current events and opportunities to take action. We try to keep our meetings engaging and informative, and we welcome ideas and requests from all our members!